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Winning Hearts Changing Minds - Martin Robinson

Winning Hearts Changing MindsThe Churches of the West Continue to decline, despite some encouraging exceptions. That decline can, under God, be reversed – but we need to realize what is happening. There is indeed fresh interest in matters spiritual. But explains Dr Robinson, More Info »
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To Win The West - Martin Robinson

To Win The WestThe Churches of the West continue to decline, despite some encouraging exceptions. that decline can, under God, be reversed - but we need to realise what is happening. Martin Robinson's task is to help readers grasp the larger themes of More Info »
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The Santa Claus Principle - Dave Gidney

The Santa Claus PrincipleIn this though provoking book Dave Gidney, a veteran children's worker, examines why the Santa Claus myth is believable to many children. He then explores how parents and the Church might expend the same amount of energy and creativity to communicate More Info »
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The Faith of the Unbeliever – Martin Robinson

The Faith of the UnbelieverThe Issue of religions increasingly back on the agenda. But coming to faith is still a problem for many who feel bewildered by the choices before them. Even unbelief is not a neutral position. Martin Robinson helps to chart a More Info »
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The Emerging Church - Dan Kimball

Emerging ChurchVintage Christianity for new generation The Seeker-sensitive movement revolutionized the way we did Church and introduced countless baby boomers to Jesu. Yet trends show that today's post Christian generations are not responding like the generations before them. As we enter More Info »
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The 8 Secrets of Happiness - Paul Griffiths & Martin Robinson

The 8 Secrets of HappinessThe twenty-first Century is a century of limitless possibilities. We are surrounded by innumerable products promising to make us more attractive, more healthy, more intelligent, more popular and more successful. But somehow, it's not quite enough - there's more to More Info »
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Sacred Places, Pilgrim Paths - Martin Robinson

Sacred Places, Pilgrim PathsThe image of the journey life at the heart of the Christian faith. From biblical times to the present day, countless believers - both individually and as groups - have responded to the call of pilgrimage as the outward sign More Info »
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Planting Mission Shaped Churches - Martin Robinson

Planting Mission Shaped Churches TodayThe Western World may be dotted with Churches, but congregations are sparse. All too many communities lack a viable Christian presence. It is time to plant mission-shaped Churches What, then are the key principles? What experience is relevant? How does More Info »
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Missions and Church Planting in Europe

Missions and Church Planting in is happy to announce the culmination of a year’s research with the release of our report on missions and church planting in Europe. Over 600 people in 35 countries have responded to our questionnaire, making this the largest project More Info »
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Mentoring Matters - Rick Lewis

Mentoring MattersMentoring Matters explains how to maximize the potential of leaders. It gets behind the question of skills to address the leader as a person - their spirituality, emotional health, key relationships, vulnerabilities and rhythms of life.
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Invading Secular Space - Martin Robinson

Invading Secular SpaceWhere have all the people gone? Western Christians have watched helplessly while societies leaders have severed sacred from secular, consigning the sacred to the realm of private and unimportant. Despite dozens of initiatives, overall decline continues – in sharp contrast More Info »
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Children in the Heart of God - Dave Gidney

Children in the Heart of GodHow does the Bible view children, and what does it say about their salvation and their involvement in the Church? Dave Gidney Examines the following important issues affecting all parents and children's ministers today: How God's Covenant relationship applies to More Info »
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